Perk2o Celebrates A New Partnership With Big Geyser

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This week Perk2O, a beverage company that specializes in all-natural caffeinated spring water, signed a deal with Big Geyser. This deal marks a momentous moment for Perk2O’s growth as a company through a rapid expansion of their reach. Perk2O products are now available through Big Geyser’s distribution services, meaning they will be seen in all major grocery, drug stores, convenience, mass merchandise and club chains in Geyser’s trading area.

Of the company’s recent partnership, Perk2O CEO Thomas DiNardo said “Signing this deal with Big Geyser was one of our proudest moments at Perk2O. We are incredibly excited about the opportunities that this partnership will bring for both of our companies. It is our belief that Perk2O will soon be available in stores all across the country.”

What this deal means for Perk2O

  1. Geyser has distribution partners in all 5 boroughs of New York and parts of the U.S that stock their products.
  2. Big Geyser handles distribution and refrigeration of their products which is a major concern for most beverage companies.
  3. Perk2O will be shelved alongside already popular drinks giving it more visibility.

About Perk2O: Perk2O is a caffeinated beverage company that is based in Union, New Jersey. With over 40 years in the industry their board of directors have held positions such as Sales Center Manager and Vice President of Sales/Operation at Coca Cola. Together their years of experience create a powerhouse of industry knowledge and ingenuity. Perk2O, founded in 2020, is the brainchild of their cumulative entrepreneurial spirit.

About Big Geyser: Big Geyser is a non-alcoholic beverage and snack distributor based out of New York. They were founded in 1986 by Irving Hershkowitz, a legend of the New York Beverage world. Their portfolio services some of the largest beverage manufacturers in the world including: Body Armor, Brew Dr. Essentia, Super Coffee, and many more. They are family owned and operated with the goal of providing premium service to all of their customers.

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